For Music Creators

Сreate music without restrictions, get instant income depending on the number of plays, launch NFTs based on your content, and sell them on our Marketplace.

How does it work?

Step 1

Create a TON wallet and connect to Playmuse with it.

Step 2

Upload your music on the Dashboard and pass a copyright moderation.

Step 3

Get income for your music with various monetization methods on Playmuse.


NFT release

Release your music or music videos as NFTs. Engage users in investing in your content and share income.

Payments for Streaming

Get instant payment to your TON wallet for listenings to your music and views of music videos.

Access by Subscription

Get an additional income with exclusive content. Create individual subscriptions to your music or video content.

TON Donations

Broadcast your performances or fan streams, create donation goals and different tasks, and get donations in TON.

Music Library

Upload your music to the Music library and get additional income in TON for using your content by other artists.

NFT tickets and merch

Release merchandising or tickets to your concerts as NFTs. Receive income with each re-sale of an NFT ticket or merch on the trading market.


Our goal is to create an Art World with everyone living their truth and content belonging to its creators. A world of peace and equity where artists and fans are interested in the growth of each other.

How will we achieve this

Playmuse service is based on The Open Network (TON). Modern blockchain is a synonym for «openness» and «fairness». Blockchain has information about an artist, so nobody will make your art their own. Your art is not stored on any specific servers but literally in the entire world.

Only you can delete or block it! Smart contracts perform automatically, they cannot lie or change their mind. Blockchain and NFT will unite the efforts of artists and fans, so everybody will be interested in each other's growth and have an income from intercooperation.

Ambassadors Program

Join the Playmuse ambassadors program! Together, we'll make our service and TON more popular and make content away from centralization influence.