Media service
which belongs
to people

Become a Playmuse co-owner with NFT. Make music,
podcasts, movies, and video blogs independent
of centralization.

Playmuse NFTs.

To create Playmuse, we raise funds via NFT since we want to share the service with users.

Our collection has 15 000 NFTs created based on The Open Network. Playmuse NFT owners will receive a part of the profit, participate in the service decision-making, and have access to private sales of exclusive content, as well as other intriguing perks.

Our unit economics is open to you! It will appear in public access before launching each service. Even now you can estimate an approximate monthly income from Playmuse NFT using the Profit Calculator.


of net profit will be split between Playmuse NFT holders.


of net profit will be used to create a grant fund and service development


5000 NFTs will be used for presales, raffled in airdrops, and given away to service ambassadors 10 000 NFTs will be sold on our Marketplace.

How it works?

Playmuse is a Web 3.0 service developed based on The Open Network blockchain. The technologies used will help to create a decentralized media service without external influence.

The service includes NFT Marketplace, music and podcasts service, movie streaming service, and service for video blogs and streamers. Artists and users will interact to help each other and make a profit.

Everything for
content creators

Playmuse is a platform where the content fully belongs to its creators. Share the content that will melt the hearts of your fans! Try new methods of content monetization. Dedicate yourself to the art with no limits.

About us

A service for people created by people.

Our Team

We are creating a Web 3.0 service that is clear to every user. Get to know us better.


Track the production history and Playmuse growth with our Roadmap.


We believe that all the content should be open, easily
accessible, and belong to its creators. We produce
the service that makes it possible.