We are creating an Art World with everyone living their truth and content belonging to its creators. A world of peace andequity where artists and users are interested in the growth of each other.

How will we achieve this?

Playmuse service is based on The Open Network (TON). Modern blockchain is a synonym for openness and fairness. Blockchain has information about an artist, so nobody will make your art their own. Your art is not stored on any specific servers but literally in the entire world. Only you can delete or block it! Smart contracts perform automatically, they cannot lie or change their mind. Blockchain and NFT will unite the efforts of artists and fans, so everybody will be interested in each other's growth and have an income from intercooperation.

In today's world change is all around us. Those with their eyes shining and an unstoppable desire to contribute to the world's progress are always ahead. Our service uses unique TON technologies that make Web 3.0 available and clear to all users.

The technologies we use:

TON DNS, TON Sites, and TON Proxy - allow the service to stay in the decentralized network. Nobody can limit access to our domain (PLAYMUSE.TON) with external influence. TON Payments - the technology of payment channels allow to transact multiple payments between users. Calculations are held outside of the blockchain, they are free and amazingly fast. TON Storage - protects the art from being unwantedly blocked or deleted since it's split into fragments in this decentralized storage.

Thanks to TON we have all the required technologies to achieve Playmuse goals.