Our Team

We are like-minded people and enthusiasts who make Web 3.0 clear to common users.
We help content creators to make art independent of centralization by building
a transparent and fair system of content monetization.

Vladislav Torbaev

Founder, Head of Product

Creates web projects since 2014, and manages various fintech SaaS projects. Skillful enterpriser who loves resolving difficult tasks. Wants to make the Internet a fair place that is independent of centralization affection.

Dmitry Kashporov

Co-founder, Head of Project

Engaged in Project Management since 2013. Left aircraft industry for blockchain as he sees future in it. Loves accuracy and risk management in the development of decentralized products.

Oleg Zaparevanny

Backend/Blockchain Developer

Has been developing web projects since 2012. Worked for tutu.ru and Roistat as a backend developer. Has a great experience in fintech products as a senior backend developer. Loves math and mathematical simulation.

Gleb Ivanov

Frontend Developer

Has been developing web projects since 2015 and loves complex UX. Works as a freelancer and is seasoned in fintech, streaming services, and heavy-load products. Asks lots of questions and tends to lose himself in a product.

Evgeniy Berezikov

Product Designer

Has been working on digital and offline projects since 2013. Creates clean designs, develops design strategies, and conducts research a lot. He loves websites and apps with an intuitive design that is easy to use. Works for their own Whystudio design agency.

Marina Torbaeva

UX/UI Designer

Has been creating modern and user-friendly design since 2019. Focuses on promo and e-commerce. Studies Front-end development and loves classics.

Alexey Miroshnyk

Marketing Manager

Works in marketing for more than 20 years already with a focus on strategies and content. Produced content for Nike and Reebok and creates scripts for advertising and movies. He is into football and traveling. Believes that one has to respect nature.

Leila Neiman

Senior Lawyer

Practicing law for more than 25 years, she is a lawyer in the region of international intellectual property law, media law, and entertainment law. Worked for such companies as GetResponse, Getty Images, and Shutterstock.